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Extreme tour "Chilean Shaft" KZ-105
The river Chilik is a left-Bank tributary of the Ili river, which flows in the southern part of the Almaty region between the two ridges of the Northern Tien Shan:
Zailiyskiy and Kungey Alatau.Rafting on the river Chilik will not leave you indifferent. You will get a lot of good mood and breathtaking famous thresholds,
will make this tour unforgettable.
Group | Available from 16.06.2018 on 30.09.2018

Rafting on the Kok-su river KZ-104
Koksu river (blue, sky water – translated from Turkic) is located 300 km from Almaty. It is the left tributary of the river.
(pool of lake Balkhash). The length is 205 km, the basin area is 4670 km2. It originates on the South-Western slopes of Dzungarian Alatau, at an altitude of about 3000 m.
From source to confluence with R. Kazan called Karaurak. The average annual flow rate of 46 km from the mouth is about 57 m3 / sec. Water consumption at the exit of the gorge
Changara from 30 to 120 cu. m/s. Average gradient - 11.2 m/km.
Group | Available from 01.06.2018 on 30.09.2018



Extreme rafting on the Turgen river KZ-103

This tour perfectly combines a tour of the Turgen waterfalls and rafting on the Turgen river. Turgen river is quite wide and picturesque.
It is not difficult for rafting even for people who do not have special sports training. Rafting on the Turgen river will be interesting for an experienced athlete,
so for people who have never floated on mountain rivers and will cause an unprecedented adrenaline rush.

Group| Available from 23.06.2018 for 19.08.2018

Charyn canyon EX-754

Pedestrian and bus tour "Charyn canyon" from Almaty
The tour starts at 09: 00.
The duration is 9-10 hours.
Charyn canyon-is one of the most unique objects of nature, where under the influence of thousands of years of weathering of sedimentary rocks,
the original form of relief took the shape of isolated rocks, columns and towers. The journey time to the Charyn canyon is about 3 hours.
On the way You will learn about the history and nature of this amazing region, learn a lot about the Kazakh people, their life and traditions,
you can also have lunch at a local café. Upon arrival at Charyn canyon, you will immediately forget the whole long way, as Charyn canyon
amaze you with its beauty and splendor! You can admire its Grand panorama, and then walk through the maze
Valley of Castles surrounded by overhanging inaccessible walls. Anyone who has ever been to the Charyn canyon falls in love with him forever!

Group / Excursion
Type of transport: Bus
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