Ethno and Сulture

Scythian gold EX-753

The steppe civilization of ancient nomads left a deep trace in the history of mankind.... It is connected with the integral culture of nomads formed for thousands of years, since the Scythian-Saka times. During the tour you will be able to visit and see The Issyk barrows, where the "Golden man" was found and visit the Museum. In the Archaeological Park "Boraldai Saka mounds" you will see the dwellings of Saks and mound in the section. Visit ancient settlements of Talgar and Arykty

Group / Excursion
Transport type: Bus from ALA
Available with 16.04.2018 — 31.10.2018 gg


The Tanbaly Petroglyphs EX-752

The Tanbaly petroglyphs, located 160 km from Almaty. This place is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004.
In the late 50s of the last century in the Chu-ili mountains, in the gorge of Tanbaly, a unique place with rock paintings of an unknown civilization was found. Ancient images, which are mainly in the lower part of the gorge, are related to the bronze age — the gallery of petroglyphs was carved three and a half thousand years ago.
The mysterious civilization has disappeared without living up to now, but left more than 4 000 drawings, in which our ancestors displayed their life and worldview. The paintings depict both individual animals and people, and the whole scene of life. Very interesting drawings of ritual sacrifices, initiation rites (dance of two priests with two men, dedicated to the rank of soldiers), the cult of fertility, archery, images of riders on horseback and tours. In Tanbaly there are also drawings of animals, now completely disappeared in these parts.

Group / Excursion
Type of transport: Minibus
Available from 26.03.2018-30.09.2018



Tamgaly TAS EX-760

As part of this tour you will visit one of the picturesque places of Almaty region!It is here, on the rocks, found incredibly beautiful images of Buddha.
Among the people there is a legend about the origin of Buddhist rock paintings. So, according to this legend, when along the tract on the outskirts of the river was a caravan, at this point there was a strong earthquake. In the eyes of eyewitnesses huge boulders with incredibly high cliffs began to slide straight into the water and form a kind of crossing the river. The pilgrims took it as a blessing and help of the gods.

Group / Excursion
Type of transport: Bus
Available with 01.03.2018 for 31.10.2018 gg



Excursion tour-Almaty merchant EX-148

Merchant buildings-this is perhaps the little that reminds modern Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital of the pre-revolutionary history of the city.
The history of these houses and their owners is full of mysteries and myths. As part of this tour, we will remember the first owners of the oldest Almaty houses.

Full day / sightseeing

Available upon request


Ethnographic aul "Huns" EX-762

The project "Huns" is a small trip to the camp of nomads. We have tried to connect our past with the present and the Golden mean to present to you, our dear guests! It is a Yurt With all modern amenities, it is the foot of the mountains with modern paths, it is the kitchen that connected with the Kazakh and Eastern traditional dishes of the great silk road, it is frisky horses and interesting programs.