Issyk Lake

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Transport type:  Bus
01.03.2018 — 31.10.2018
In this tour you will enjoy the clean air and the picturesque scenery of the high-mountain lake.
According to geologists, the lake was formed 8 thousand years ago as a result of a powerful collapse of the mountain avalanche, which later created a natural dam height of 300 meters.
The lake was so popular that his photo was even used for tourist cards and brochures of the USSR.
Another name of the lake - Esik, which translated from Kazakh means "door".

Day 1

Places to visit in this tour:
Gathering in the Parking lot of the State Circus on Abai street
- Bus station "Sayahat" (passing);
- the city of Issyk (passing);
Museum-reserve "Issyk" (tour);
- The state national natural Park Ile-Alatau mountains (tour);
- Issyk lake
Professional certified Guide
Entrance to the national Park.
The entrance to the Museum-reserve "Issyk»
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